Help And Healing Through The High Desert Phoenix Foundation

There is something to be said about the support of a local community when there are people in the area in need. Whenever a tragedy strikes, it is natural to look to those around us so that we can have the support and reassurance that is necessary to be able to persevere or make sense of what has transpired. Through the struggles and pain that communities face in a crisis, groups such as The Phoenix Foundation are born.


The Phoenix Foundation of the High Desert region got its start after a few wonderful people got together to work on a benefit show to help local families. The show transpired after the community got together to show support for the local families of two teenagers that were murdered in Helendale. During the time that the show was being put on, there had been in depth discussion regarding the simple fact that High Desert had nothing in the way of any sort of a group or foundation to help families that are grieving and in need of support. Out of the sadness of this tragedy is where the Phoenix Foundation began.

Since it got started in 2008, The Phoenix Foundation has been working to put together numerous programs, fundraisers, support groups and events that are geared toward building a foundation of love and support for members of the local community. Not only does the foundation work on assisting families that have been through a crisis, tragedy, or loss, but they also try to help by honoring those that have gone above and beyond in the area to help others.

For example, a local hero lost his life after jumping into freezing waters while trying to save two children that had fallen in on Christmas day. While the local father was able to save the children, he lost his life during his rescue attempt. The Phoenix Foundation came together to send his family to Disneyland for two days as a way to bring them joy and to honor their loved one, the hero.

There are also countless area families who have been touched by The Phoenix Foundation of the High Desert area in one way or another. Some have been through a tragic house fire and lost loved ones in the process, where the foundation stepped in to help with monetary donations, kindness, and support. Another family was also helped with the cremation costs for a loved one after he had been killed due to involvement in a hit and run accident.

Then you have something like the HALOS program, which stands for Healing After Loved One’s Suicide. Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month as a way of offering understanding and a lifeline for families that are coping with the tragedy of losing a loved one to suicide. This is often a devastating event that most people find it hard to talk about. However, these meetings offer a level of understanding from those who have been through the same heartbreak themselves.

charityOf course, none of the programs, monetary donations, and help that The Phoenix Foundation offers would be possible without the help of local community members, fundraising events, and the support of many local businesses. It is through the dedication and support of companies such as the Rancho Motor Company that the foundation can gain traction to offer wonderful things for the entire community. Not only has the Rancho Motors Company been serving the High Desert region since 1971 to bring about dependable, affordable vehicles to buyers in the area, but they also take a great deal of pride in giving back to others. With such support from companies like this, The Phoenix Foundation can help pay for funerals or cremation costs, assist families with easing financial burden after losing a loved one and bring joy to the faces of children who may have lost one or both of their parents due to a tragedy.

If you or someone that you care about is going through a crisis of some sort in the High Desert area, or if you are in need of someone to talk to, you can get the help that you need through The Phoenix Foundation. There are many people who are ready and willing to provide you with the assistance that you need to get through a troubling time so that you can come out on the other end with hope and a solid foundation to stand on. You need to know that you are never alone whenever tragedy strikes.